Project Description

Humans store information outside of their minds. This capacity for information encoding is reflected in symbols and written language, and it underlies artificial computing systems. It is a hallmark of human evolution. Traces of this capacity have "fossilized" in the archaeological record reaching back into the Paleolithic of c. 400 000 to 11 000 thousand years ago. The EVINE project (Evolution of Visual INformation Encoding) proposes to digitize large scale samples of paleolithic finds, and to compare their information encoding potential to ancient and modern writing. This enables us to pinpoint the transitions in information encoding from the first signs to the information age.

This project is funded by an ERC Starting Grant (ERC, EVINE, 101117111).

Talk at Freie Uni Berlin
May 23-24 2024

Ewa Dutkiewicz and Christian Bentz gave a joined talk at the Workshop for "The Co-Evolution of Language, Interaction and Architecture: Interdisciplinary Perspectives", hosted by the CELIA Interest Group, Freie Universität Berlin. Thanks to Antje Wilton and Kenan Hochuli for hosting us!

Prähistorisches Kolloquium
May 2024

Ewa Dutkiewicz was invited to give a talk about "Die Zeichen des Paläolithikums – Verzierungen, Kalender oder Schrift?" at the Colloquium for Prehistory, University of Cologne.

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